Nov 16th

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Overview of Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 800 has been hailed as the comeback vehicle for Nokia especially on the technology aspect. It has been accepted globally as the most sought-after smart phone that Nokia has produced in recent times. The outcome of the Alliance between both Microsoft and Nokia, it boasts of running Microsoft provided simple Windows Phone 7 Software. Nokia and Microsoft both are depending on Lumia to propel them into their strong contenders Android and I-phone and catapult them back to glory.
• Runs on Windows and a 3.7” screen with single core processor of 1.4Ghz and also 16gg memory
• As with all smart phones, the Lumia 800 also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, and lets you send e-mail, and text and multimedia messages
• Design is sleek, classy yet simple and easily portable
• The Screen is really spectacular with the new technique of polarizing filter which allows the visibility in the direct sunlight to optimum unlike other mobiles.
• Screen Size could have been larger but as people love sleekness and compactness in today’s time, the petite frame will serve the purpose
• Navigation is easy but for people who want to create email or read and write contents the compactness may be an hindrance.
Nokia Lumia 800 has not only spectacular display and outstanding design but it also comes with a nice driving console in Nokia Drive.

The video quality and the camera is not up to the mark inspite of the fancy specifications provided. Also the camera is not front facing. The Sim Slot it also difficult to access. Also the Windows Software provided by Microsoft fails to generate and create the impact which is required.


The Nokia Lumia 800 does have innovative and attractive design as well as screen with many important features but the off mark camera quality and front face camera as well as the Microsoft software lacking to the levels of expectations are the deterrents to an otherwise optimum innovative mobile.

Nov 16th

Android vs windows phone

It is the smart phone age now and many individuals are clamoring for the same. Already many people have switched from their older phones to high end impressive touch screen phones. But there are many who find it difficult to switch or to meet its high end pricing as well as little knowledge about its capabilities.

So both Android and Windows phone have their own distinct features making them well loved. But if we compare Android Vs Windows Phone we can derive our own conclusions. With the help of Samsung Galaxy Android phone and HTC windows phone we can try comparing the same
We can compare them on three factors namely Price, Durability and provision of Applications

Price: Though Samsung Galaxy is cheaper than HTC, it may also be because the HTC does have high end configuration ranging from 576MB Ram and 8gb of internal memory which makes it costlier.

Durability: Samsung Galaxy is made of plastic, thereby making it light weight and also protecting it if it falls and also enduring it from scratches and damages. Windows Phone has metal body and is made of glass which is why the price is also higher. It also provides protection from scratches and damages but adds to the weight

Applications and Specialties: Samsung Galaxy has Android as its OS which has also been around for some time now and developed by the popular Google. It offers lot of freedom to the users as it is an open application which allows the users to download the application free to their mobile. Also allowing customization, modification provided flexible environment which has made it popular.

HTC has Windows e Operating system has been there from many years now and recently it has upgraded itself to the smart phone category. It allows the users to get updates about the chats, message emails etc and also music games and so many impressive multimedia programs are also offered. Also as it is in alliance with Microsoft MS office is a built in feature which even allows you to edit your documents like word, excel, power point slides etc working on the similar lines as PC make it quite popular.

So depending upon your requirements you can opt for either of the phones.

Nov 16th


Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology which is used worldwide. Computers can be connected wirelessly to routers. The routers in turnis then connected to the internet by modem in a WI-FI environment. It uses radio waves to provide internet as well as network connections. It works on the principle of no physical connection between the receiver and the send by using the technology known as Radio Frequency. Currently the mobile phones have also started using the Wi-Fi Technology.
How does Wi-Fi Work
It serves and works on the same way that a wired network will work providing internet facility to computers etc, only different is wires will not be required and therefore it is very easy fast and cheap to setup. As you are aware wired network requires lot of labour intensive effort and are expensive. To be honest there is no such thing as wireless network as usually it is linked to some wired network at some point somewhere.
The wireless networking technology first came into use almost a decade ago and gained popularity and became a rage ever since
In 2003 upgraded version ws introduced which offered higher level of performance ranging from good speed and range
Again in 2009 it was upgraded further. All the Wi-Fi variable use the same amount of radio frequency which is 2.4 Ghz and therefore are also compatible with each other so that one can use various standard in the same network of wireless integration. In an ideal scenario we will want all our devices which are wireless compatible i.e. the access points as well as computers etc use the same same standard technology and from the same vendor which is not always possible
Anyway Wi-Fi has revolutionized the entire workings of computers and mobile phones which before a decade was hard to imagine. Because of the Wi-Fi technology it is possible to work anywhere anytime by most of the individuals.

Nov 16th

Wireless Network

Wireless network is a type of computer network which is not connected to any wires or cables. It is a network that can be connected even at homes, and other telecommunication network areas and many enterprise or business areas, where the installation can avoid using the cables into their building there by reducing the cost of using the cables. The mobile devices works on this concept of Wireless network very efficiently. The Internet connection and the mobile devices use the Wireless Network extensively.
A mobile phone is a device through which we can make outgoing calls and can receive incoming calls through a safe wireless network. It is otherwise known as a Cell phone, Cellular phone or a hand phone. The first mobile phone was demonstrated in the year 1973 by Motorola company by Dr. Martin Cooper. The first headset used was weighing about 1 kilogram or 2 1/2 lbs. The first commercially available mobile phone was in the year 1983 and it was called as Dyna TAC 8000x.
Uses of wireless network in mobile phones:

  • The mobile phone helps us to receive and to make calls. The calls are received through a radio link, through the wireless network while we move in any geographic area.
  • It works with the wireless network provided by the mobile network operator. The mobile phone helps you to receive calls from any other mobiles, public telephone networks, or any fixed line phones across the world.
  • In addition to calls the mobile phones will also help in supporting us with a wide range of services like MMS, Net access, Text messaging , Bluetooth, infrared and various other business applications and will also help in photography and gaming.
  • There are mobile phones that give more computing capabilities which are called smart phones. And all these features of mobile phone work with the help of the wireless network which carries the data. One of the important wireless networks used in mobile phone is GSM network. And these wireless networks are administered and implemented by using transmission system called as radio waves. Hence wireless network plays a very important role in our daily life through the mobile phones as well as internet connections too.
Nov 16th

Overview of IPhone 4s

IPhone 4s brings excellent improvements to an already in high demand IPhones. Finally IPhone owners can heave a sigh of relief as they get a 64 Gb model and with enhanced processor which is dual core as well as more speed and a better camera to boot. The unique feature and which the makers i.e. Apple is also preaching about is a voice assistant called Siri which though does not replace the voice control feature provided which is intact if you need that. But Siri carries out a lot of other functions too like obeying the commands and answering your requests a robotic voice will answer your queries. It makes use of Google search as well as the location that you are in to find out the replies so it is imperative that you have a Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection. Also it supports multi language making it quite unique.

Looks classy and feels good to hold, it can be told as the good looking device. IPhone 4S comes with most of the standard features including excellent camera with an 8MP shooter which other IPhones have ranging from text messaging and e-mail, weather and stock apps, memos and the notes app. I-pod player as well as splitting music and video libraries into 2 separate options. Even the Bluetooth has been upgraded.


As it has the unique feature of having dual processor it is very fast especially in comparison with its predecessors. Also with better graphics, game and look too. Normally people find IPhones slow due to its complex programs etc IPhone 4s has the distinct advantage of being really fast and it can compete with Android too in this matter.


The screen size has not been upgraded and retains the smaller size of I4 and also it is fragile and if dropped easily breakable. Though the inherent characteristics of IPhone are maintained, there is no great improvement or any major distinct feature than its predecessor I4. Also 4G is not available.


It has all the requirements as per the standard of IPhone with the new voice assistant feature and the dual core processor which makes it really commendable. So though it may not have larger screen and 4G it does make it right choice for anyone who wants to own a quality phone.

Nov 1st

Bluetooth Protocol

While using computers, entertainment systems or telephones, different parts and components of the system are devices of electronic community. These devices communicate with each other by the variety of wires, cables, radio signals and infrared light beams, and an even greater variety of connectors, plugs and protocols.
There are several ways by which electronic devices can be connected with each other. For example:
Component cables
Electrical wires
Ethernet cables
The infrared signals
The process of connecting things is becoming more and more common. Here we will discuss how to connect devices of Bluetooth, which can streamline the process. Bluetooth connection is wireless and automatic, and it has some interesting things that can simplify our daily lives.
If any two devices need to connect to each other, they should agree on several points before the conversation can start . The first point of agreement is physical: will they talk over wires or through some form of wireless signals? If they use cabels, how much you want to – one, two, eight, 32? As soon as the physical attributes decided different questions arise:
How much information will be sent at that time? For example, serial ports, data 1 bit at a time, while parallel ports send multiple bits at once.
How will they talk to each other? All parts of the discussion should be aware that bit means and whether or not the message that they receive the same message that was sent. This means developing a set of commands and responses known as the protocol.

Nov 1st

Bluetooth Security

In all wireless networking technologies , security is important. Devices can easily grab radio waves from the air, so that people who send information over a wireless connection have to take warnings to ensure that these signals are not intercepted. Bluetooth technology is not different – it’s wireless and therefore susceptible to spying and remote access, as well as Wi-Fi, if the network is not secure. With Bluetooth, however, the automatic nature of the relationship, which is a huge advantage in terms of time and effort, is also an advantage for those who want to send you information without your permission.
Bluetooth gives many security modes, and device produces determine which mode to include in a Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. Nearly in all cases, users of Bluetooth can establish “trusted devices” that can exchange information without demanding permission. When other device tries to connect the gadget, the user must decide whether to make it or not. Service-level security and device-level security are working together to protect Bluetooth devices from unauthorized information transfer. Security methods include authorization and identification procedures that limit the use of Bluetooth services registered user and require users to make a reasonable decision for opening the file or accept the information. As these measures are involved in the user’s phone or in other device, unauthorized access is unlikely. The user can also just switch his Bluetooth mode ” invisible ” and avoid connections with other Bluetooth devices entirely. If you use Bluetooth network primarily for synchronizing devices in the home, it may be a good way of avoiding from any possibility of a security breach while in public places.
However, early cell phone virus writers have used an automated process of the Bluetooth connection to send infected files. Since many cell phones use a secure connection of Bluetooth, which requires authorization and authentication before taking information from the unknown device, the infected file can not be taken from very far. When the virus enters the cell phone user, the user must agree to open it and then agree to install it. This, so far, prevents most cell phones from viruses that gives much damage.

Oct 26th

Bluetooth Piconets

Imagine you have a typical modern living room with typical modern materials in it. There’s an entertainment system with stereo, DVD-player, satellite TV receiver and TV, there is also a wireless phone and a PC. All this systems use Bluetooth, and each forms its own piconet to talk between the main unit and peripheral.
Wireless phone is only Bluetooth transmitter to the base and the other in the phone. The Producer programmed each unit with an address that falls in the range of addresses it has established for a specific type of device. When the base is firstly switched on, it sends radio signals asking a response from any device with an address in a certain range. Since the phone has an address from the range, it gives response, and the tiny network is formed. Now, even if one of these devices should receive a signal from another system, it will ignore that because it is not on line. Computer and entertainment system go through similar procedures, creating a connection between the addresses in the range of established producers. Once installed the network, systems begin talking among themselves. Each piconet hops randomly through the available frequencies, so that all the piconets are completely separated from each other.
So the living room has established three separate networks, each of which consists of devices that know the address of transmitters it should listen and address of the receiver, it must talk to. So if every network is changing its frequency many times in the second place, it is unlikely that all two networks will be on the same frequency at the same time. If you find that they, as a result of confusion will only cover a tiny fraction of a second, and software designed to correct such errors weeds out of confusing information and gets on with the business network.

Oct 25th

How does Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth-network transmits data via in low power of radio waves. He communicates at a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz (actually between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz, to be exact). This frequency band was set aside by international agreement for the use of industrial, scientific and medical destination (ISM).
The number of devices which you can use already is using the same radio frequency. Baby monitors, garage-door openers, and a new generation of wireless phones all use frequencies in the ISM. Make sure that Bluetooth and these other devices do not interfere with each other, was an essential part of the design process.
One of the ways, Bluetooth devices do not interfere with other systems, sending a very weak signal of about 1 m W. For comparison, the most powerful mobile phones can transmit a signal to 3 Watts. Low-power Bluetooth device within the range of about 10 meters (32 feet), cutting the chances of interference between your computer and a portable telephone or television. Even at low power, Bluetooth does not require line of sight between the communicating devices. The walls in your house will not stop Bluetooth signal, making the standard useful for controlling several devices in different rooms.
Simultaneously Bluetooth can connect up to eight devices. With all of these devices in the same 10-meters (32 feet) radius, you would think they interfere with each other, but this is unlikely. Bluetooth uses a technique called spread-spectrum frequency hopping, which makes it rare for more than one device to transmit on one frequency at the same time. In this technique, the device will use 79 individual, randomly chosen frequencies within a specified range, going from one to another on a regular basis. In the case of Bluetooth, the transmitters change frequencies 1,600 times per second, meaning that more devices can make full use of the limited slice of spectrum. Since each transmitter uses Bluetooth spread spectrum transmission automatically, it is unlikely that two transmitters will be on the same frequency at the same time. The same method makes less the risk that portable phones or baby monitors will disrupt Bluetooth devices, since any intervention at a particular frequency will last only a fraction of a second.

Oct 19th

How Bluetooth Creates a Connection

Bluetooth has a small area for  networking  to another side  by eliminating the need for user intervention and to maintain an extremely low power to conserve battery power. Imagine that you are on your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, standing next the door of  your house. You say the man at the other side  to call you back after  five minutes, so you can go in your house  and put your things away. While  you enter to your house the map that you received on your mobile from your car’s Bluetooth-enabled GPS system is automatically sent to your  Bluetooth-enabled computer, because your mobile  has already  taken  the Bluetooth signal from your computer and automatically sent the data that you intended for  transfer . After five minutes, when your friend again calls you, your Bluetooth-enabled home phone rings instead of your mobile .The  person called the same number  by the same number, but your home phone picked up Bluetooth signals from mobile and automatically redirects the call, because it  knew   that you are  at home. And each transmission signal to your mobile  and from your mobile phone consumes just 1 MW of power, so that your mobile phone charge is virtually independent of all this activity.

From the beginning, Bluetooth is a networking standard that works on two levels:
• Ensures agreement at the physical level – Bluetooth is a radio frequency standard.
• It provides agreement at the protocol level, where products have to agree on when bits are transmitted, how many will be sent at a time, and as part of a conversation can be sure that the message is the same as the message sent.
The biggest advantage of Bluetooth is  that it is wireless, inexpensive and automatic. There are other ways to get around using wires, including infrared. Infrared (IR) refers to light waves of low frequency than human eyes can receive and interpret. Infrared is used in most remote control systems. Infrared communications are fairly reliable and do not cost a lot to be built into the device, but there are a couple of drawbacks. First, infrared is a “line of sight” technology. For example, you must specify the remote at the TV or DVD player to make things happen. A second drawback is that infrared is almost always “one to one” technology. You can transfer data between your desktop and laptop, but not  your laptop and PDA at the same time. (See how remote control works for  learning  more about infrared link.)
These two qualities of infrared are actually advantageous in some things. Because infrared transmitters and receivers must be aligned with each other, interference between devices is uncommon. Of course  nature of infrared communications is useful in that you can be sure that the message goes only to the recipient, even in a room full of infrared receivers.
Bluetooth is designed to circumvent the problems that comes  with infrared systems. Older Bluetooth 1.0 standard maximum transmission rate of 1 MB per second (Mbps), while Bluetooth 2.0 can manage up to 3 Mbps. Bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible with 1.0 devices.
Let’s find out how Bluetooth-network works.
Why is it called Bluetooth?
Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark at the end of 900. He succeed  to unite Denmark and part of Norway into one kingdom then  disseminated Christianity in  Denmark. He left a large monument, Jelling rune stone, in memory of his parents. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard. The choice of this name for the standard indicates how important companies from Scandinavia (countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) have the communications industry, even though he says little about how the technology works.